Georgia DUI Defense Lawyers That Deliver Results

Our Georgia DUI lawyers deliver results in the defense of alcohol and drug-related driving offenses, such as DUI, Serious Injury by Vehicle, and Vehicular Homicide charges. Each of our cases are prepared for trial, and as a result, most of our cases are successfully negotiated prior to trial. Many lawyers approach cases with an eye towards entering a plea. This approach leaves many people in the unfortunate position of preparing for a trial far too late in the process. Our Georgia DUI lawyers approach cases differently. We prepare for trial at the outset, and we work to know your case and the defenses available as soon as possible. This enables our DUI lawyers to more effectively negotiate your a favorable resolution if that is possible.

Experienced Georgia DUI Lawyers That You Can Rely Upon

Experience matters in this work, and the experience that matters is the time spent actually defending DUI charges. If a lawyer has spent 15 years pleading clients guilty to DUI (and that is not uncommon among many lawyers that claim to "handle DUI cases"), that will do you no good if you want to have a chance to avoid a DUI conviction. The experience that matters to our clients and the results obtained in their cases is time spent before Judges and Juries that decide cases.  

Many of our clients have difficult cases - cases that cannot be won without serious work. They will not be won by a lawyer who simply seeks to negotiate the case. Our experience in actually defending DUI cases and finding innovative solutions to difficult facts makes a difference in the results we obtain. 

DUI Lawyers Driven To Obtain Results for You

Our Georgia DUI lawyers are driven by one overriding goal: We work to do everything possible to beat your DUI charge. Our lawyers are not "plea lawyers" that work to obtain the best "deal" in exchange for a guilty plea to driving under the influence. We aggressively pursue every advantage available to you in the defense of your DUI. There are cases in which errors in the case are exposed through our research and our client's DUI charges are dismissed. Our clients benefit from exceptional attention to detail. We pride ourselves in knowing our cases as well as possible and better than a prosecutor ever will. We, quite simply, will not be outworked in the preparation of your case. We put our reputation on the line in every case that we take, and we want to make sure that we do everything possible to obtain the results our clients expect.

Experienced Georgia DUI Lawyers That Deliver Results in Your DUI Case


Many of our clients wish to avoid a trial. We understand the anxiety that accompanies the thought of having your fate decided by a Judge or Jury. To avoid trial and have an opportunity to have your DUI dismissed or reduced, you must have a DUI lawyer that will dedicate the time and effort necessary develop defenses in your case. Your lawyer must be willing to take the time and have the skill to look closely at the evidence in your DUI case.

Not all DUI lawyers are created equal. Many lawyers want to help people but lack the required skill, knowledge, and will to obtain the results desired. A thorough knowledge of Georgia DUI law and an ability to pick the government's case apart are necessary if you expect to win your Georgia DUI case.

  • An effective Georgia DUI lawyer will have advanced training in countering the evidence that you will face in the defense of your Georgia DUI case.
  • An effective Georgia DUI lawyer will have extensive courtroom experience contesting DUI cases, and regularly engage in DUI defense at motions hearings and trials.
  • An effective Georgia DUI lawyer will limit his or her number cases sufficiently in order to allow the lawyer to keep their clients up-to-date on the status of the case. Our Georgia DUI lawyers limit their case load so that we can directly interact with our clients and maintain personal contact with our clients.

In large part, our success in defending DUI cases is due to the investigation that we perform in every case. The process requires that our DUI lawyers invest a great deal of time reviewing documents, videos, and reports, but the investigation process frequently reveals defects in your DUI that can provide the advantage to attain a reduction or dismissal of your DUI charge prior to trial or a not guilty verdict at trial.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense in Georgia, and a DUI conviction can have very harsh ramifications upon your driver's license. However, the driver's license consequences can begin much earlier in the Georgia DUI administrative license suspension process. However, beyond the driver's license penalties associated with a Georgia DUI, you must recognize that driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense in Georgia. In addition to other penalties, a person charged with DUI in Georgia faces the possibility of jail time and high fines. When you are accused of a DUI in Georgia, your license to drive is, in most cases, immediately confiscated and you face the possiblity of losing your driving privileges for four months or longer. As a result of your Georgia DUI arrest, you face a variety of potential punishments, including jail time, points on your driving record (whether you have a Georgia drivers license or a license issued by another state), large fines, mandatory alcohol treatment, liability insurance rate increases, and the possibility of losing your job. Georgia's new DUI law makes it more important than ever to have a skilled Georgia DUI lawyer to protect your rights.

The criminal penalties of a Georgia DUI conviction are clearly established by Georgia law. Any lawyer that knows how to read the Georgia's criminal code can discuss with you the criminal penalties associated with a Georgia DUI conviction. On the other hand, skilled Georgia DUI lawyers understand that there are numerous other "penalties" which a person convicted of a Georgia DUI charge suffers. For example, a Georgia DUI remains on your criminal history for the remainder of your life. Georgia law does not permit a DUI conviction to be expunged. For a more comprehensive list of the consequences associated with a Georgia DUI conviction, contact one of our Georgia DUI lawyers today.

Reputation for Trying and Winning Difficult DUI Cases

We regularly fight and successfully conclude DUI cases for clients that, quite simply, cannot afford a DUI conviction.

We understand the significance of a DUI charge to each of our clients, and no one case is more important than another. We also recognize that a DUI conviction have more dramatic consequences for some people. Daniel Benjamin Sessions

Recognizing Opportunities Amidst Your DUI Charge

We recognize that within the legal community and the public at-large, there is general misconception that if you are charged with DUI, there is no viable means of defending the charge. Our DUI lawyers can personally provide you with evidence that this opinion is not true. We have a proven track record of defending DUI charges that other lawyers thought were "hopeless" or indefensible. We recognize and seize upon opportunities to challenge the legal and factual basis for your DUI charge.

There are certain fact patterns in DUI cases that present unique opportunities to challenge the cases. DUI roadblock cases, DUI cases with blood tests, DUI drugs cases, and multiple other special circumstances should be examined closely by a qualified Georgia DUI lawyer before any decision is made regarding how you will proceed with your case. These case are frequently overwhelming to those lawyers that do not dedicate their practice to the defense of DUI charges. Our DUI lawyers recognize the opportunities presented by these unique cases.

Special Types of DUI Charges

Every DUI case has facts that make the case distinct from others. That being said, there are certain types of DUI charges that present particular challenges because of the particularly harsh consequences that might accompany a conviction. Our DUI lawyers have an exceptional record in the defense of under 21 drivers charged with DUI, CDL drivers charged with DUI, and other occupations that are particularly sensitive to a potential DUI conviction. We know how to effectively navigate the minefield for these special classes of clients.

DUI-Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury by Vehicle charges are the most traffic-related charges under Georgia law. If you or someone you care about faces one of these charges, contact our office today.

Exceptional Service in the Defense of Your Georgia DUI

Delivering the very best results possible in the defense of your Georgia DUI charge is unquestionably our foremost priority. However, our Georgia DUI lawyers recognize that the stresses that accompany this type of very serious criminal offense. Therefore, our lawyers make every effort to be accessible as possible to our clients. We strive to be able to personally address your concerns at every stage of your DUI case.

Our services are unique from many other lawyers that will take your money and "handle" your DUI case. We are committed to the defense of your case. We treat it as though it is our case because, with every DUI case in which our services are engaged, our reputation is on the line. Our practice is not a general practice. We do not represent clients in divorces, personal injury cases, or real estate matters. We fight DUI charges. It's as simple as that. Everyday we are working to obtain the best possible results for our clients in DUI cases. The focus of our practice on the defense of DUI cases provides very real benefits for our clients.

When you allow our Georgia DUI lawyers to represent you, you will deal directly with the DUI lawyer representing you. You deserve no less than an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer that is willing to take the time to explain you the process that you will likely encounter and defend your rights.